Feed a student. Help a teacher. Fund the future.

Feed a student. Help a teacher. Fund the future.

Education Compliant Crowd Funding


The average teacher in the U.S. spends $500 out of their own pocket, per year on classroom supplies. Teachers want to give their students the best learning experience and you can help them do so.

Food Services

School Districts now have another option to help reduce unpaid food service balances.  With SchoolPay Angels, parents can contribute to feeding students that have difficulty affording lunch.

General Donation

General SchoolPay Angels Donations cover all types of donations in your district or school. You might use this type of campaign for your athletic program, arts department, etc.

Real-Time Reporting

SchoolPay Angels customers get access to real-time reporting and transaction history for all of their Angels campaigns.

Find an Angels Campaign

Coming soon to SchoolPay Angels will be the ability to find Angels Campaigns right here on our site!