The Need, The Problem, The Solution

The Need

School budgets are stretched thin all over the U.S. Schools and parents are increasingly turning to fundraising and crowd-funding in particular to meet various financial needs. Whether the need is helping with a capital improvement, buying special school supplies and equipment or some other need, crowd-funding can work quite well. But it turns out that crowd-funding has some problems, especially for Schools.

The Problem

Traditional crowd-funding campaigns are quick and easy to set-up. While that can be nice, at schools it means that the campaigns often violate accounting processes and regulations. This causes extra work and headaches during the audit. Donation funds are great but not when they generate a bunch of work for the office staff.

The Solution

SchoolPay Angels is the solution. SchoolPay Angels is the latest module of the award-winning education payment system, SchoolPay. Districts all over the U.S. take hundreds of millions in payments through SchoolPay. SchoolPay Angels has pre-built crowd-funding features for donating to teachers, the free and reduced nutrition fund, and more. Campaigns appear automatically to SchoolPay parents, online at, in social media, and more. All with the same, normal SchoolPay fee structure.

How it Works


Simply click on a SchoolPay Angels link to donate by debit or credit card. Links are available at, in parent accounts at, linked to social media pages, and emailed directly by the campaign manager.

Accepting Donations

At SchoolPay we call accepting donations, running a “campaign.” Getting your campaign ready, takes just a couple minutes once you have your SchoolPay account. If you do not have a SchoolPay account getting one only takes a few minutes and you can be accepting donations in a couple days.

Quick & Easy Campaign Set-up

1. Register

2. Create Campaign

3. Accept Donations